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Multiple alternatives to configure and deliver your courses.

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Course contents Demo

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    Please let us know if there is any additional open edX feature you'd like to test. We want this demo platform to be as complete as possible for everyone to test the power and features of open edX.

    Multiple configurations for your Online Courses

    Online learning initiatives can be very diverse. Open edX was built with the MOOCs use case in mind, but can also cater to a wider range of initiatives, in professional education, K12, Corporate learning, Online academies and more.

    Small private courses

    Both MOOCs and SPOCs (Small private online courses) can be delivered with the open edX platform. Courses can be restricted to be access only by invitation, limited in size or require a fee to be paid before the enrollment takes place.

    online academies

    Online learning initiatives can monetize their course offerings by selling access to the courses, either using the edX ecommerce application or an external ecommerce solution.

    Combining some free offering and some paid courses or having courses that are free to audit but require a payment to obtain a certificate is also a great way to increase the reach and potential of the initiaitve.

    Multi site configurations

    For complex initiaitves, open edX can be configured in multi sites configuration with different course offerings being delivered in different domains, but all running under the same powerful infrastructure. Specialized service providers like eduNEXT can help you get the most out of this technology in more complex environments.